Focussed. Fearless. Forward-thinking. That’s us.

Across the WGC group, our financial services change the way people live, study, protect their loved ones and build wealth.

But our edge doesn’t come from our services. It comes from our people. People that are a rare breed. People who think big. People who have outsized ambitions. People who see way beyond personal growth. People who dream of creating an extraordinary future. People who dream of enabling economic empowerment for all.

We pick such people like needles in the haystack. We care for them. We support them. We don’t micro-manage. We don’t meddle. Rather, we empower. We enable. You don’t have to take our word for it.

See what our people have to say about us.

And this not just a few of them.

You’ll find these sentiments resonating across our 12,000+ strong team in India and UK. We take this as a sign of doing things right.

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Deep tech fintech is disrupting financial services globally

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“What is good for communities, society and the environment is good for business”

DHFL Annual CSR Report 2017-2018

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