“At WGC, we see a billion reasons to scale financial empowerment globally.”

Today, the world is virtually contracting. But the divide between the privileged and the underprivileged is expanding. At WGC, we are committed to bridging this divide.

Today, the world is virtually contracting. But the divide between the privileged and the underprivileged is expanding. At WGC, we are committed to bridging this divide.

In a world where 2.5 billion people still lack access to formal financial services. Where they are unable to save, borrow or invest money. Where they are unable to protect themselves and their families from financial risk. Where they face denial from the very fundamentals of economic empowerment. WGC and its businesses are committed to bring change.

We recognize that bringing this change calls for a concerted global effort. It calls for a break from business as usual. It calls for changing the status quo. And, it gives us pride that the WGC group with its businesses in India and UK has been working on exactly this.

We have been fundamentally rethinking our approach to inclusive finance. We have been nurturing innovative businesses that solve substantive problems in financial services and do so in a socially responsible way. This convergence of interests and issues, of social impact and profitable growth, is the key to drive real transformation. The key to long-term value creation. Unreservedly, this stems from the vision of social equality our Founding Father Late Shri Rajesh Kumar Wadhawan advocated. It gives me pride, that his legacy of ‘doing business with a purpose’ lives on across our group business actions till today.

In the present day, customer expectations are changing as they embrace new trends, habits and lifestyles. To this end, we stand on the brink of a financial services revolution. A revolution that will be unlike anything we have experienced before. It will present us with challenges but also great opportunities.

At WGC, we are evolving and adapting to meet these challenges and opportunities. We are investing in fintech & technology-enabled innovation.

Across our investments, we endeavour to make financial services relevant to the millennial generation through technology disruption, challenging ideas and innovative business models. Our focus is on disruptive, data-driven services that enable efficiencies, effectiveness, cost savings and transparency.

What started from seeking sustainable change in India’s financial ecosystem has today grown into a global undertaking. Our ultimate goal is building iconic businesses that provide ground-breaking, technology-enabled financial services for unmet needs. While most of our portfolio companies are in India and UK, we are looking at expanding our efforts across the globe. Expanding internationally, we have created our first pitstop in UK. The fintech market in UK is estimated to be worth £20 billion annually. Not just this, the maturity of UK’s business environment, its market leadership position in fintech and its respect for intellectual property all made it our first and foremost choice.

When it comes to investing for societal good, education is one of the most critical investments we are making in today’s knowledge economy. Be it our CSR efforts for providing quality early education to underprivileged children or our partnerships with academia to drive developmental economics research.

At the end, we’re working to foster knowledge, resources, and tools to be proactive and agile in the face of rapid change. We’re ready to scale up and strengthen our engagement to help people overcome financial challenges, create equal opportunities, and give everyone the chance to realize their dreams.

Kapil Wadhawan

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