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Together, we create a world in which people thrive.

WGC encourages its people to participate, take charge, and give back to communities & the environment in a responsible manner. Together, we aim to build a financially inclusive world for future generations.

When it comes to people, we believe in the perfect FIT.
Freedom to fail
  • The freedom to fail is an integral part of our people-oriented ethos as well as our success story. We believe the experience of failure leads to meaningful success.
  • Disruptive business ideas from employees are regularly incubated with mentorship from the senior leadership team. Genuine ‘proof of concept’ results are supported by capital and resources to achieve scale and commercialisation.
Innovative spirit
  • Innovation inevitably requires thinking beyond the conventional and predictable. As a customer-centric organisation, we strive to cultivate an innovative mindset in our people.
  • Every innovative idea from the team is given a chance to flourish in our eco-system. Entrepreneurial risk is cushioned with organisational stability.
Trust in talent
  • Trust holds people together. We know that teams work best when there is a high level of trust among its members. We cultivate a culture where trust is actively built and earned.
  • Our work culture ensures a caring and trusteeship-led human relationship with our employees. An ‘open ear’ policy ensures senior leadership teams are accessible and keen to solve every challenge that an employee faces with fairness and empathy.

At WGC, we leverage this perfect FIT to proactively drive initiatives and transform the financial lives of underserved customers.

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