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To qualify as an investment opportunity, a company or asset must meet the following criteria:

Competitive advantage

A distinct competitive advantage is essential for every strategic investment. Whether it’s a start up or a well-established firm, our interest is piqued only when we know the business has something unique to offer that cannot be replicated easily by competitors.

Group synergy

Investment opportunities are considered on the basis of WGC’s overarching strategy. We are committed to expanding services to underserved financial markets. Our focus is squarely on serving the holistic needs of consumers.

This means ideal investments must fit in with our consumer-focused strategy. Every investment aimed at augmenting the rest of the group’s operations. New businesses must strengthen our core operations, fill a service gap and add value to an ever-widening base of clients.

Effective management

At WGC, we believe, business potential is intrinsically linked to the quality of leadership. An effective management team can substantially increase the value of every investment.

Innovative products

The financial services industry is hyper-competitive. To stay ahead of the game, WGC seeks out innovative new ideas and young teams with unconventional solutions in the growing field of financial services. From FinTech to InsurTech, an investment opportunity is infinitely more interesting if it helps us serve our clients better.

Long-term potential

WGC prides itself on its exceptionally long-term vision. Business and investment decisions are based on a time-scale of generations instead of fiscal quarters.

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