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Late Shri Rajesh Kumar Wadhawan

Driven by belief, grit and determination he envisioned creating an institution that would provide credit for housing access to hapless millions.

Born on April 16th, 1949 Late Shri. Rajesh Kumar Wadhawan, is remembered as the doyen of the Indian housing finance sector. He believed that commercial success and social benefit need not be mutually exclusive.

Conventional wisdom said that given the risk profile of weaker sections of society, they should not be given housing loans. This meant that a large portion of India could never realise their dream of owning a home. Late Shri. Wadhawan was one who defied this convention.

His vision of helping low and middle income Indians own a home by giving easier access to loans on fair terms led to the formation of DHFL in 1984. He looked beyond their risk profile and placed his faith in their character. Driven by his deep interest and belief, he pioneered one of the most robust corporations in the housing finance industry taking his dream to the common man of the country.

From a humble beginning, he went on to create an enviable business within a span of 15 years. Under Late Shri. Wadhawan’s leadership and direction, DHFL grew manifold while being firmly rooted in the principles of transparency, integrity, good governance and professionalism.

His insights and wisdom drew people from all walks of life for advice, guidance and inspiration. An exemplary human being, an astute leader and a pioneer in housing finance, his sterling leadership qualities, extraordinary foresight, and uncompromising pursuit of excellence continue to guide and inspire us.

Today, his legacy continues through the next generation - Kapil Wadhawan and Dheeraj Wadhawan. WGC, the group management council and employees across businesses, look up to our founder’s beliefs as we journey to become one of India’s most trusted and respected integrated financial services groups.

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