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Enabling digital financial inclusion for an equitable society
We remain passionate and committed to our Founder’s vision. A vision that was revolutionary in conceiving a ‘financially inclusive’ nation, at a time when it was completely unheard of. Today, the same overarching vision is driving our businesses to enable ‘digital financial inclusion’.

At WGC, our aim is to enable wider financial access and fulfil the unmet needs of the priority sector across every stage of life. Our businesses are focussed on creating innovative financial products to reach where traditional financial channels are absent. We place our belief in dreams that battle disparities because we know that the potential to realise those dreams exists.

WGC strategically deploys capital in businesses that are driven by a purpose - to create a positive impact in India’s most marginalized communities in a profitable manner. This underpins our imperative of financial inclusion.

Even today, the mortgage-to-GDP ratio of 9% in India remains low compared to most regional economies. This presents a huge opportunity.

Even today, the mortgage-to-GDP ratio of 9% in India remains low compared to most regional economies. This presents a huge opportunity.

At WGC, our federated structure enables businesses to chart their own future in harnessing this opportunity. Decentralized, autonomous management teams run businesses while we provide professional oversight. We empower our group ecosystem with entrepreneurial energy and professional diligence. Looking ahead, we endeavour to scale financial access solutions across India and other similar emerging markets.

Today, we have partnered few of the best financial institutions in the world that share our values of simplicity and trust. We believe transparency is not a risk but an asset. Governance through collaboration enables systemic change. Every challenge and risk is an opportunity. To make real change, you need to be the catalyst. This is precisely what WGC endeavours to do.

Our customers remain at the heart of all our endeavours. We will continue to serve them through organic growth as well as opportunistic inorganic businesses. This will help us offer holistic financial solutions in an integrated manner.

We thank our shareholders for their continued support and entrusting us with their funds for value creation.

With digital transactions set to catalyze payments and settlements, India will emerge as the largest global entity in the digital economy. This presents a massive opportunity for growth and employment over the traditional system. With the prospect of reaching millions of digitally native, priority sector customers, we aim to facilitate the success of a financially inclusive and digital India.

Kapil Wadhawan Group Chairman

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